How to Choose a Good Web Designer

If you are interested in having a web site created, the first thing you should do is to simply find someone to do it. Perhaps you know someone who has a young son or daughter who says they can put together a site for free. That's great, but there's also a large risk associated with having someone create a web design without the proper tools, knowledge and experience.

A web site should have easy navigation, cross-platform compatibility, readability, functionality, and an attractive appearance. Professional companies know that having a web site is not just good enough anymore, a complete web strategy is needed! This encompasses good design techniques, accessibility, utilizing web standards, maintaining the site, tracking the success of the site and making improvements.

Here is a very important tip.
Make sure your web designer has ample time to commit to your web site design, as well as any issues that may arise with your hosting, domain name or maintenance of the site. All too often, a web design company will give the impression that "they" are very professional when in fact they may end up being a one-person freelance shop that only has time for you from 6:00PM to 9:00PM. Your business is important, so look for an organized, commited and experienced web designer.

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