Professional Web Strategy

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I do not have a business but want to start one.

Creating a website for your new business is important, but you need to have a plan to ensure your business will be successful.
  • Get movitated and stay motivated!

  • Start by writting a basic business plan

  • Create a name for your business and register it

  • Review financing for intial expenses

  • Create a budget (and record all expenses for tax time)

  • Evaluate your competition

  • Pick a location to work from (home office, storefront, etc)

  • Create a marketing plan (this is where your website starts!)

  • Don't give up, nothing is hard, something just take a little longer to get done!

Move on to the next step when you have enough information about your business to setup a website strategy.

Maine website strategy

I need a website strategy for my business.

Business owners who are serious about making a successful online presence understand that they must have a well designed website, such as the highly rated ones Web Design of Maine can create.

Added Value

  • Your website will become one of your most valuable marketing and informational tools for your customers.

  • Your website is an investment in the furture of your business.

  • This is where you need to make a decision to move forward with making a more sucessful business.

So what do I need?

  • You must budget a minimum of $500 for a basic website design, although more powerful websites require more time and effort to create. A realistic amount to budget is between $1000 and $3000.

  • Make sure you have a business plan so you can tell us information about your business and goals.

Ok I'm Ready!

  • If you know you want to work with Web Design of Maine, then we would like to get some information from you so we can help you start the website process.

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I need a redesign to my current website.

Maine professional web design

Is your current website outdated or just needs a fresh look?

Web Design of Maine can help your business create a professionally styled website with a modern appearance. We design each of our websites from scratch (no templates). That means you'll get a website that is unique, clean and user friendly to help you stand out from those basic cookie cutter type sites.
  • We can help you with logo design and branding

  • We can update your design and color scheme

  • We can add new imagery

  • We can add advanced functionality for a more powerful website

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I need additional features for my website.

Maine web design solution

We have great experience in giving websites advanced functionality and power.

What can we do for you?

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - We evaluate and improve SEO on your site

  • Customized Blogs - Great for SEO and adding new content to your site

  • Personalized E-mails - Unlimited with new hosting, also shows business professionalism

  • E-mail Forwarding & Blocking - We can forward your domain e-mails to another email address

  • MySQL Databases - We develop database driven sites that make a very powerful and dynamic website

  • Special JavaScript Programming - We can add special programming to make your site better

  • Advanced Ajax Programming - We can add Ajax to speed up your site and give it greater flexibility

  • PHP Programming - We know advanced PHP programming used to make your site extraordanary

  • Content Management Systems - Fully functional systems to control your entire site

  • Project Management Systems - Need a system to keep track of daily projects?

  • Customer Relationship Systems - Instant chat features, support systems

  • Discussion Boards / Bulletin Boards - Great for talking about a topic or for internal communications

  • E-Commerce Solutions (sell online) - Advanced selling of products online, safe and secure

  • Comprehensive F.A.Q. setups - Saves you time by directing customers with questions to your website

  • Guestbooks - Good for friends and family

  • Image Galleries - Display multiple images in an elegant presentation

  • Mailing Lists - Keep customers informed about new products or services

  • Polls and Surveys - Find out what your customers are thinking

  • Calculators - Good for sites requiring mathimatical analysis, mortgage calculators, auto loans, etc.

  • Password Protected Pages - Create a special area only for you or your staff

  • Additional Security Features - Add security measures to prevent SQL injection, XSS, CSRF attacks and more

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I need search engine optimization for my website.

Maine Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO
, is the process of improving key features of your site to make it show up near the top in search engines. This can be a comprehensive process and requires a significant amount of effort to do correctly.

  • Improving SEO will improve the amount of traffic to your website

  • We may need to change the coding of the site

  • We may change how your information is presented

  • We will optimize special attributes of your site to improve SEO

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I need advanced statistics / web metrics / analytics for my website.

web design statisticsWeb metrics is a critical step in taking greater control over how
your website information can improve your business.

This is where a business expands from the realm of having a website,
to understanding how your website performs and making changes
based on evaluating web metrics.

  • We can help analyze your website metrics and help you understand how to measure key performance indicators

  • We can help you with log files and analysis

  • We can create cookies to track sessions and do path analysis to see how users navigate through your site

  • We can setup web analytics to show where you need to spend time to boost traffic, increase duration of each visitor, increase sales, decrease costs, increase loyalty and more!

  • We can help you integrate your website information, evaluate distribution of information, recommend how data can be fully understood to become part of the managerial decision making process and incorporate all the information into a closed loop system.

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