Maine Web Design Portfolio

We are passionate about web design! Our clients range from local small businesses to companies that sell products internationally. Each project is carefully planned with research, client interviews, and development documentation. We make sure the web site is easy to navigate, has a clean appearance, meets or exceeds the client's requirements and is optimized for search engines. We also welcome the opportunity to develop personal web sites and occasionally offer free services for non-profit or charity organizations. Please look through our portfolio to see some samples of our work. - A very clean design with a modern appeal. This site was designed to illustrate Soakology's unique style of experience. The site uses content management technology for certain section so that the website owner can easily make changes as desired. - An amazing web site with a high level of functionality including dynamic code that allows people to enter reviews and find out a vast amount of database stored information about campgrounds throughout the US. This site is constantly evolving with weekly updates!

Coastal Naturopathic Center - The Coastal Naturopathic Center web site was designed to be easy to use and to be highly informative. The site features a newsletter signup, password protected entry to an online medical dispensary, and well organized medical information.

Splatz Extreme Sports Gear - The Splatz web site was designed to highlight the Splatz sports stores, to be entertaining to the younger crowd while being highly informative. This site features a Flash intro, Custom forums, and many resources.

Good Choice Flowers - This was a complex project to build an online store to sell flowers and gifts internationally.
This site features Perl scripting, Java Scripting, Flash, Dynamic HTML, CGI scripting, Search scripts, Server Side Includes, and secure shopping elements.

Popcorn Monsters - This was an extensive project to redesign a fairly popular movie review web site. This site
features a vast amount of complex programming to support the dynamic data throughout the site.

Trips with Pets - This was a redesign project which included the use of dynamic .ASP programming. Trips with Pets offers people information for pet friendly places to stay when looking for a vacation spot.

Gifts-To-Russia - An e-commerce solution for selling gifts throughout Russia and Europe

And many more...