The Process of Web Design in Maine

Once we receive your information we will get back to you as soon as possible with questions to define the web site requires. When we have enough information we send a proposal. We may be able to meet you in person to discuss more about your web design. When you accept our proposal, we will take the information you have provided us and begin research into what type of web site will best fit your needs.

The next step is for us to construct a draft web design and have you evaluate it, to make sure you are getting what you expect. We will then make any appropriate changes by adding more content and details, and then thoroughly test the web site to make sure everything is functional. We will try to complete your web site design on a timely basis agreed upon by both parties, which many times depends on the complexity of the web site. When the web design is successfully completed it will be released.

You should consider maintenance for your web site to keep the information up to date. We offer maintenance packages for every web site we design. Also, we would appreciate to hear your feedback anytime about your web site, and experience with Web Design of Maine!