Web Site Hosting in Maine

What is a hosting?
Hosting is a term to describe where all the web site files are stored so anyone online can view your web site. The actual computer that stores the information is called a hosting server, and this is typically kept in a secure location by a hosting company.

Types of hosting
Picking the right hosting company depends on what your site requirements are. If you need a site that receives a lot of visitors you may want to purchase a dedicated server. This means your site is the only one hosted on that server, which also means your site will have less chance of going down or having bandwidth issues. A dedicated server can cost hundred of dollars a month. If you are just starting out with a small Maine web site, a shared server may be best for you. A shared server can have several different and often not related web sites on the same sever. This is a very common setup and can cost around $120 per year. Websites that require more powerful features may need better hosting which can cost $300 a month.

Get Started
We recommend that you obtain hosting as soon as the design of your site begins. The sooner you get your hosting and domain name up, even with a temporary home page, the sooner the search engines will find and index your web site. We can also help you find the appropriate hosting that is best for your business!